The Dark Knight Rises

The Batman series continues with the announcement of their new film “The Dark Night Rises”. The Previous film “The Dark Night” took the film to a whole new level which was what the film makers were after, but added controversy came as the character Of The Joker (Heath Ledger) died before the release of the film.
Heath Ledger(The Joker) played a important part in the first “Dark Knight” and really portrayed a dark twisted edge about his character, alongside Christian Bale who played the character of Batman.
Both characters played their parts to a amazing level.
Christian Bale returns for the conclusion of The Dark Night in the new film which is expected to be in the cinemas in 2012.

From watching the trailer, and researching early press posters and images, these film looks like it’s going to be a epic conclusion as the first “Dark Knight” was released in 2008, which has lead the fans patiently waiting to see what happens to the Dark Hero in this story.

Watch The trailer here:

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