MPTV (Milli Pix TV) Presents Sing Out Loud Sundays

Sing Out Loud Sundays showcases the new talent in the world of singing, and features different genres with singers and acts presenting what they do to capture new audiences and exposure for themselves.

The Established Living has been following “Sing Out Loud Sundays” Growth on YouTube and here is what the Sing Out Loud Sunday platform has to offer in these four videos, 2 of them are from the first season and the other 2 are from the latest Season

Ella Frank“Mama Knows Best” *Jessie J Cover*

Levelle London and Tashan Moss“Exclusive”*Day 26 Cover*

    *Season 2 Latest*

Tashan Moss“One Love” *Trey Songz Cover*

Carla Jaye“Go” *Deliah Go Cover*

The Established Living Stamp Of Approval for this new singing platform: 8/10
Watch the space with this, the talent is right here.

Twitter Contact Details

Milli Pix: @Millipix
Ella Frank:@Ella_Frank
Tashan Moss:@TashanMoss
Levelle London:@LevelleLondon
Carla Jaye:@CarlaJayeArtist

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