Presenting Dream Mclean+ The Purple Sandwich

The Established Living is pleased to present the New UK Rapper Dream Mclean, who comes straight out of Essex and has utilized his raw talent over beats and created his own buzz over social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube + more.

Dream Mclean built up his buzz from creating promotional CD’s entitled the Purple Promo (you can find this on Google).
Thus far he has released 3 editions of the CD over a couple of years, and in between focused on networking and has already been featured on Grime Daily, The Tim Westwood Show and Tim And Barry TV.

This brings us to the present where Dream Mclean and DJ Cable have cooked up and mixed a 28 track CD entitled “The Purple Sandwich” which features all old and new Dream Mclean, mixed smoothly together by DJ Cable.

“The Purple Sandwich” is in my opinion a Brilliant show case of the Dream Mclean full catalogue and an introduction for his forth coming future projects.

Each track on the CD is presented in snippet form (barring the intro) almost like a teaser of each song. I might add that this is a brilliant way to keep us all in suspense for the full track versions.

Tracks that deserve your listening attention:

White Bread (Prod. By Teeza), this track sets the tone from the start, that you are going to be involved in a grimey affair. Dream Mclean flows on the beat in a powerful metaphorical way, with catch line adlibs and raw essence.
The Only Way Is Essex (Prod. By Lex Luger) Ft Bandit Blacks is a standout anthem, Dream Mclean is putting Essex on the map and proving that he can compete with the big London boys, also presenting the lifestyle in Essex from a grime artist point of view.

Saxon (Prod. By Chase & Status) which introduces the Dubstep side of Dream Mclean this song is another stand out anthem.
Stop Me(Prod. By Teeza) is also another banger. Teeza provides the grimey beat and Dream Mclean delivers the sick grimey flow.

Be My Friend( Prod By J Green) is a all time classic from Dream Mclean, very deep tune, one of my personal favourites.

Every song deserves a play once, because you don’t know what to expect from Dream Mclean as his brings a new vibe to his records.

Videos that are featured on The Purple Sandwich:

Dream Mclean“Expirement Gone Wrong”

Dream Mclean Ft Siris – “Coke and Vodka”

Dream Mclean- “John” *DeadCloud Freestyle* (MP3 version is on CD)
The Established Living Stamp Of Approval: One To Watch
We recommend you watch this space and follow @DreamMclean to find out more

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