Marger SBTV F64 *New Heat*

One of the big movers in Grime this year “Marger” has been putting in the work in 2011, with 4 Visuals My Thing Ft “Sibling” , Goonz Ft “Scruffizer” & “No Lay“(both heavyweights in the Grime scene),Shadows Ft “Molly” and This Year Ft “Josh Osho” its clear to see “Marger” has been hard at work and heavily flying the flag for the Grime scene in 2011, releasing singles, releasing a mixtape/Ep entitled “Kushwave” catching the attention of “360 Records” who are the label home of “Devlin”, “Lethal Bizzle” and other big names, The buzz that “Marger” is due to receive from his 2011 work up to the release of the overdue “Cheeky EP” which is set to be released in 2012, is going to be a great success for him and the Grime scene.

Following the controversy which follows “Margers” clash with “Lay-z” in the Grime DVD “Lord Of The Mics 3” “Marger” hooked up with “SBTV” to do a “F64” session and it seems “Marger” and his grime sound is here to say, many say the grime scene is dead and many do not pay attention, but after this session people may have to reconsider if this is what the New Wave of Grime holds.

Click Here to Watch The F64 Here:

The Established Living Stamp Of Approval: 7/10
“One To Watch”

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