Presenting Cardan Jayy

The Established Living would like to present a new artist that is about to make their way on the scene in 2012 and beyond, “Cardan Jayy” is the name and he is an Up and Coming Singer/Songwriter from East London, who brings a unique and dramatic approach to music.

The Established living and “Cardan Jayy” are good friends and we are thrilled that everyone is about to gain a insight of the talents that are on offer when it comes to “Cardan Jayy” with only having a few videos on youtube and audio , “Cardan Jayy” is looking to take viral world by storm in 2012. With a number of music Video’s in the pipeline and a school tour, 2012 is looking bright for this young performer.

Subscribe, Like and Follow his Journey with the Links Below:

YouTube :

Facebook Fan Page:



The Established Living Stamp Of Approval: “One To Watch/ Rising Superstar”

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