Kieron Boothe Still Life 2012 *New CD*

The Established Living is pleased to once again present the diverse sounds of New upcoming UK recording Artist “Kieron Boothe”, who is tipped in our eyes to do big things, and we are once again supporting his movement.

“Kieron Boothe” is releasing his new CD entitled “Still Life” which is a 11 track disc which features production and songs from in house artists, such as Aaron London, Amanda Mellid, Daniel Agyeman. The CD is a strong mark as the list of features are small which means Kieron Boothe is showing everyone how powerful his sound is and the fact that he has made his music appealing to audiences and keeping it in real in his lane at the same time.

Kieron Boothe has wordplay, strong flow, good diverse beat selection and metaphors which stand out, also it seems Mr Boothe doesn’t mind experimenting with his music and seeing what sound can be created.

Listed are the strong tracks in the eyes of The Established Living:

*Still Life*: What a strong way to kick off the CD, the XX “intro” is one of the most powerful instrumentals and from listening to this, you can feel the passion Kieron Boothe has in this, delivering as always some strong punchlines which complement each other and work nicely, this is a great way to start off a CD and warm up the listeners for the rest of the tracks.

*Mistakes* Ft (Amanda Mellid): Prod By Aaron London: This tune shows how diverse Kieron Boothe and his team can go. The production is so on point from Aaron London, and the way Kieron Boothe and Amanda Mellid all come together to boost the chorus and make it extra powerful, this tune is like a “Marvins Room”, simply because the message is felt and Kieron Boothe and the team delivers in a nice well structured way.

*Blue Sky *(Prod By No ID): This song presents the lyrical side of Kieron Boothe, no chorus no hook, just presenting the skill and talent that he has, the metaphors and punchlines deserve a strong listen with your headphones pumped up to the max, one for all the rap fans who actually take time to take all the skill in, thumbs up.

Butterflies ( Prod By Aaron London): Like Blue Sky, this song is structed with punchlines, metaphors and strong statements, the track is short and sweet but the powerful lines and wordplay that are featured in the duration on 1 min 57 secs will surprise you as Kieron Boothe done a good job on this one.

*New Day*Ft (Amanda Melid):Prod By Aaron London : One of Kieron Boothe’s all time best tune, the Tinie Tempah/Dappy/ Wretch 32 essence is present, this is because the strong lyrics which stay on topic of the songs message which is a skill Kieron Boothe has, metaphors which stand out and react in a way of amazement. Props to Amanda Mellid on her job of the chorus, her nice vocals blend well with the Aaron London production which all together makes this song worth listening.

Other tunes to check out from the CD:
“Oh No”, “Awkward” this two songs show the expiremental side of Kieron Boothe, both songs show good vibes and are worth listening. “Gold Dust” is a song that is also a strong anthem, guaranteed to rock out and bounce your head, Kieron Boothe’s flow on this one is crazy, that “Tinie Tempah” vibe in full essence. “Dead End” which is a previous hit from “Master Shortie” is also a well done and thoughout song to listen to, “The Notebook” deserves a listen, the song has a message and once again shows the diverse sound Kieron Boothe has. Listening to the tune you can feel that rock vibe, deep real story telling music, good job here also.

“Rainbow” ft Daniel Agyeman is a great way to end this project, the tune features the powerful chorus from “Pot Of Gold” Daniel Agyeman adds soul to it and a nice melon feeling which gives this tune a real vibe, Aaron London done a super job on the production, that hip hop vibe in essence, headbopping music at its finest. Kieron Boothe delivers statement metaphors and lyrics that rap up this CD in a effective way, too much memorable metaphors in one disc, good thoughout job here.
The Established Living Stamp of Approval: 8/10
One To watch, real music, real Talent

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Introducing “The Goods”

“The Goods” are a new act coming out of North London, a group that diverse their sounds from pop, Indie, Rock, Hip Hop and R’n’B.

We at “Established Living” has recently came across “The Goods” after hearing their name in music conversations we have with our friends and other connects, and for us two songs stand out: A tune called “Happy Belated” which presents a new pop indie sound mixed with a bit of soul vibe, and the video shows a story which means it was a well thought-out process and it defiantly worked.

Check the video here:

Also another stand out tune from “The Goods” is “So Gone” this tune just delivers that gritty dubstep raw vibe, with the production of the beat, the rap is done in a nice subtle way, not too hard and not too soft just in the balance and the hook is catchy which is always good as the chorus in any song has to stick in your head so you go back to play the song.

Check the video here:

“The Goods” have a current ep out at the moment entitled : “This Way Up Black Edition”
Click to Download here:

We’ve just downloaded our copy of their new ep and we aim to listen and upload to our ipods to give it that personal listen a review of the cd will be up.

The Established Living Stamp of Approval: 7/10
“One To watch”

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Follow “The Goods” on twitter here:!/thegoodsbaby

The Chronicle *New Film in 2012*

Here at the “Established Living” we are really interested by new films and “The Chronicle” came onto our radar from the later parts of 2011. This films looks sci-fi, mysterious and thrilling which is why interest levels were rising by this film.

Official bio from “The Chronicle” FaceBook page:
“New technologies and social communities allow us to record, post and comment on every second of our lives, sharing our every emotion and opinion with the world, no matter how mundane. For three high school classmates who suddenly gain superpowers from a mysterious substance, the chronicle of their ordinary lives is about to take on extraordinary turn. Initially they use their powers to play innocent pranks on each other and people around them, but soon they gain confidence and learn to control their powers better to take on more difficult tasks. Their newfound sense of immortality and impunity will force them to evaluate their own morality to ultimately decide where to draw the line about how far they should go.”

Here is the thrilling trailer which gives a small insight of what the film is about:

The Established Living Stamp Of Approval: Possibly A Top Class Film
Remember the film is out official in the UK, on the 1st of February 2012.

Chip Possible New song: Heart Go Boom

2012 has officially kicked off for the UK Rapper formerly known as Chipmunk, now know by “Chip” “@OfficialChip” we happened to scroll across a new song called “Heart Go Boom” with no information directly from “Chip” about this song, we think this may be a un-official song but never the less its seems “Chip” is taking a new direction with his sound, and this year really could be the year the true champion reminds us of his true talents and how far he can go.

Click here to check out the new song:

The Established Living Stamp of Approval: 7/10

Tinie Tempah “You Know What” *Video*

UK Rapper “Tinie Tempah” starts the new year with a visual taken from his New Ep “Happy Birthday” which was released in the later parts of 2011, which saw a great deal of success on the internet and created a huge deal of buzz over twitter and many other social networks.

Read what was said about the “Happy Birthday EP” Previously:

“You Know What” is probably the stand out tune and the video once more shows how much “Tinie Tempah” has achieved and his further crossover into the American industry and shows how much he is flying the flag for the UK.

Click to Watch the video Here:

The Established Living Stamp Of Approval: 8/10
Simple But so Effective!

Ice Kid Live Once *Video*

UK Rapper “Ice Kid” seems to be warning everyone that he is back like he never left, and what a great way to start off the new year, with a visual of his upcoming single “Live Once” we recently posted the tune when it was first released in the later parts of 2011:
Read Here:

More importantly check the visuals and appreciate the concept of this tune, I hope Ice Kid brings the fire back this year:

The Established Living Stamp Of Approval: 8/10
Great song, Nice Creative Video

Happy New Year 2012

Hi People so its 2012, a New Year, New Start as people would say, its good to see a new year as the doors of possibilities and prospects await you, because after today its back to the hustle and bustle so at the end of this year everyone meets success.

The Est Living will continue to grow and aim to deliver our criteria and more
Look Forward to seeing more posts from us

Hope everyone celebrated coming into the year in style.

Love From
The Established Living