Introducing “The Goods”

“The Goods” are a new act coming out of North London, a group that diverse their sounds from pop, Indie, Rock, Hip Hop and R’n’B.

We at “Established Living” has recently came across “The Goods” after hearing their name in music conversations we have with our friends and other connects, and for us two songs stand out: A tune called “Happy Belated” which presents a new pop indie sound mixed with a bit of soul vibe, and the video shows a story which means it was a well thought-out process and it defiantly worked.

Check the video here:

Also another stand out tune from “The Goods” is “So Gone” this tune just delivers that gritty dubstep raw vibe, with the production of the beat, the rap is done in a nice subtle way, not too hard and not too soft just in the balance and the hook is catchy which is always good as the chorus in any song has to stick in your head so you go back to play the song.

Check the video here:

“The Goods” have a current ep out at the moment entitled : “This Way Up Black Edition”
Click to Download here:

We’ve just downloaded our copy of their new ep and we aim to listen and upload to our ipods to give it that personal listen a review of the cd will be up.

The Established Living Stamp of Approval: 7/10
“One To watch”

Like “The Goods” on facebook here:

Follow “The Goods” on twitter here:!/thegoodsbaby

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