Krept And Konan Ft Josh Osho : So Far( Video)

UK Rappers “Krept” and “Konan” are once again getting to work with this new heat in this video “So Far” which features the sweet vocal of “Josh Osho” on the chorus, this tune just gives off that highlight reel vibe, where “Krept” and “Konan” are showing people why they should take them serious and not just as the rappers who done a version of Otis, which was a tune they didnt take as serious but done great things for them.

Here is the video for the new tune *So Far*:

“Krept” started the song off and delivered in his punchline way that both the rappers are know for.
here is a line that stood out for The Established Living
“Southisde, thats me, but they SPOT my FACE in HACKNEY ( ACNE)”

“Konan” also blessed the track with a hot verse full of punchlines and deep metaphors.
here is a line from “Konan’s” verse that deserves more attention also:
“Now i got these girls saying im hot, thats the type of thing you hear, when you talk to a fan.”

“Krept” and “Konan” and The Playdirty Team are a force, The Established Living reckons they will throw out more bangers and power moves throughout the year of 2012 don’t be suprised if they do .

The Established Living Stamp of Approval: Team To Watch

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