Introducing Cee Major * New Artist Alert*

The Est Living is returning with our Introducing segment of the blog, as we present a new underground rapper who is catching all the limelight at the moment, “Cee Major” is the name and the young artist is coming out of East London, who has recently gained the backing of well respected UK rapper “Mike Glc” is now under his wing, the future is looking bright for this young man.

Here is a selection of the YouTube videos that put “Cee Major” on the map:

Millipix TV Born Ready:

Urban Vibe Uk Freestyle:

Daily Duppy Grimedaily:

P110 Scene Smasher:

Dont Flop *Rap Battle*:

“Cee Major” was also featured on a “GrimeDailys” show called “Dats A Wrap Show” and took part in the cypher segment of the show and presented his talent well once again.

Also check “Cee Major” producing skills also featured on his YouTube page.
Search “Cee Major” and all of the normal social networks will come up with the correct links.

@CeeMajor(Follow on Twitter).

Support the cause, as “The Est Living” marks this young talent as one to watch deep messages and lyrics are what this guy is about.

The Established Living Stamp Of Approval: *One To Watch*
*Major Music/ High Calibre Ent*

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