Artist Spotlight: Quick Catch Up with “Paigey Cakey”

1) Tell us at The Est Living a little something about yourself?

Well My Name Is Paige Meade Also Known As “Paigey Cakey”. I Am An Actress, Rapper, Singer And Dancer. I Have Starred In ‘ATTACK THE BLOCK’ which was released in 2011 & ‘THE KNOT’ Which Will Be Released Later This Year 2012.

I was around the age of 10 when I started writing songs in primary school with a group of girls. I made my first ever recording on tape when I was 11 years old. I then went on to studying music in Secondary School gaining an A in my exams. Over the years I have been progressing working with producers such as Wizzy Wow, Victizzle & Dwayne Patrick. I have also worked with vocalists such as Lauran Alexandria, Levelle and Bruts.

I am currently working with the up and coming artist Teezy as i joint his music group P.U.K (People Under Konstruction) in 2010. Since then i have toured with Teezy and P.U.K throughout Britain on the Wretch 32 Black & White Tour alongside Chip(Chipmunk), Angel, Loick Essien and Scorcher. I am currently working on my first mixtape which will be released in the summertime. And as for acting, i am featuring in the brand new Jazzie show ‘Smokeys Barber Shop’ which will be out this year 2012.

2)What motivates you to push on with your music?

I love the feeling when i make a track and i see or hear people singing it word for word. It motivates me to make more music so more people can enjoy and listen to it. I also get motivation when my supporters give me loads of positive feedback as it makes me feel like im doing something really good for people.

3)How do you see the scene at the current moment?

The UK scene at the moment is filled with loads of talent from a range of different artists. I really love how every artist brings a different vibe and following as it is quite hard nowadays to bring originality to the table. I would love to see more UK artists break into the music scene as i believe we all have the capability to do so.

4)What Songs are dominating your audio device? (artist, album etc)

Well i only listen to US artists. My favourite artists right now are Rick Ross & Meek Millz. I think ‘Rich Forever’ is the best mixtape i have heard for a very long time as it inspires me to want to make music and be rich lol. I’m also a huge fan of Rihanna as i see her as an idol even do our music styles are the complete opposite. I really like how she delivers on every track topping it off with her SWAG! I love Black Eyed Peas and M.I.A as they are both so different and i believe being different makes you unique. They bring the hardest tracks out. Right now my favourite song out is M.I.A – Bad Girls.

5)What are your current plans musically for 2012, any videos or projects in the pipeline?

I’m working on my first ever mixtape which is currently ‘unnamed’. I’m looking to drop my mixtape in the summer. I have also got a big line of music videos waiting to be released. My first official music video for ‘Rip Dragons’ will be out next week directed by Digital Dan and produced by Tigger The Author (From P.U.K). I’m also featured in Bruts new music video for ‘Star’ which you can find on youtube. The song will be out on itunes 26.2.12. And make sure you look out for ‘Rebel’ -Teezy, Paigey Cakey & Tigger The Author. It is going to be the most craziest video like literally.

6)Where can the people find more about you, where can people keep updated?

You can follow me on twitter @paigey_cakey
Facebook Me: Paigey Cakey Meade
Like My Music Facebook Page: Paigey Cakey
Youtube Me: PaigeyCakeyTV or Just Search Paigey Cakey
Or Google Me: Paige Meade or Paigey Cakey

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