Artist Spotlight: Quick chat with *Twitch*

1) Tell us at The Est Living a little something about yourself?

Name’s “Twitch”, I hate the name but it stuck lol. I’m a rap artist and a producer when I feel like it, but all in all a musician. I’ve dropped a few bits here and there as well a first mixtape entitled “Young Prodigy” but I’d rather not go into that.
The levels have soared up since then so I’m drawing a line under all that and really starting to set off with the new music from here so to be honest the journey’s just beginning.

2) What motivates you to push on with your music?

The people around me I been out of touch with the team as of recent but I’m falling back into place. I just listen and see the new stuff from those around me and it makes me feel sh*t lol. But I like that feeling cause I bounce back and really push myself to be on the same levels. I lost interest and had a wrong attitude towards music in the past but with along the progression the passion in general has come back so I just feel like the dream is at arm’s length now.

3) How do you see the scene at the current moment?

I don’t like it really. I think UK Rap as a whole is progressing and it’s healthy but I don’t think we’re anywhere near the hip hop/rap scene in the States. I don’t really listen to UK Rap either (minimal exceptions) just my people and those I network with. Other than that I feel its growing and all but I much prefer the U.S scene. People can never say I don’t embrace what we got over here I’m happy for everyone but I think we’ll always be a step behind. But hey that’s just my opinion.

4) What songs are dominating your audio device? (Artist, album etc)

When I’m smoking and chilling I like listening to them A$AP Ni**as & Schoolboy Q. I really been rinsing out “Nipsey Hussle’s” Marathon series though, like every day I gotta play one of the tapes at least once. That’s my motivation music right there and I can’t front he’s got that hunger that makes you wanna stay on your job or write until the sun goes down. In terms of UK I been playing “Frostar’s Talitrap” tape with my Ni**as and I regularly listen to my boy “TE” as well.

5) What are your current plans musically for 2012, any videos or projects in the pipeline?

There’s been a few hiccups with my next tape in “In All Honesty” so I’m dropping a small 5 track release entitled “Thai, Mentos & Instrumentals” just to make up for the time. That’s basically what I been on the last month or so lol, Eating Mentos, Smoking Thai and Vybzing so that’s what that is, can’t wait to let that go. I’m probably gonna drop that within the next week or two. I got “In All Honesty” dropping in March, that’s a 20 track mixtape including skits which I put together very quickly since getting this hunger back for music. It’s recorded and ready but has been delayed over and over due to me trying to live my normal life and the fact it was formed so quick. But March I’m gonna put it out finalised or not cause I’m onto the next mixtape already, which I aint got a name for.
I’m looking to do a lot more work than I did last year and that goes for videos, projects, and covers etc just to keep relevant really. It all boils down to my discipline and how I balance my funds and lifestyle at the end of the day. But I really feel like I got alot to offer this time round.

6) Where can the people find more about you, where can people keep updated?

I’m on Twitter regularly @TwitchKHLD as well FaceBook, my name on there is “Twitch TheLegacy”. For actual material you can check out my YouTube page <> &
on SoundCloud too: <>.

Most my music videos are uploaded onto the “Link Up TV” channel too.
Check The Teaser Here:

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