Chris Brown: New Rap Music/ Visuals @ChrisBrown

Chris Brown is making 2012 his after dealing with all the issues prior to this year and its seems Chris is showing his rapper side, which some of his fans don’t know him for, but Chris Brown demonstrated the rapper in him on his Duo Project with Young Money rapper Tyga “Fan Of a Fan” which is why its a good thing to see Chris Brown back on his rapper side.

Here is two new visuals from Chris Brown who seems to have some things to get off his chest, check them out here via Vimeo

Chris Brown * Real Hip Hop Shit*

Chris Brown – Real Hip Hop Shit #4 from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

Chris Brown *How I Feel*

Chris Brown-How I Feel from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

The Est Living Rating Of Approval: 3/5 ***
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Rossi Riko: Alpha And Omega @RossiRiko

“The Est Living” is pleased to present New recording artist from the UK “Rossi Riko”.
Take a look at “Rossi Riko” official bio.

“Rossi Riko” Bio:

“Riko has a unique passion for understanding music, and coupled with his energetic attitude, he comes with a fresh and vibrant sound. He is among those talented individuals that can hold his own against anyone, possessing a smooth-as-velvet R&B singing voice, and a full-of-swagger rapping style. He’s jumping from peak to peak, and aiming for the one he’s not expecting himself to reach. Watch out below.”

This recording artist has a style about him and many talents under his belt, his new Mixtape CD “Alpha & Omega” is a demonstration on his musical talents.

“Rossi Riko” has a confident attitude in his music and throughout the CD, you get the feeling that he is ready to create something big for himself, listening to CD you can hear that “Tinie Tempah” essence and its clear “Rossi Riko” has a flow and a passion for the music.

We at “The Est Living” will be following what moves “Rossi Riko” makes from here.

Tracks To Check Out:

“Rossi Riko” delivered the right vibe when he recorded this tune. The chorus is catchy and powerful with Rossi delivering his singing abilities throughout the song, with great production from “Scott Supreme”.

Hello (Ryan Leslie Remix):
“Rossi Riko” attacks this tune in a powerful way, which is why the tune is a stand out from this project. The flow is catchy and as a listener you can feel the hunger in “Rossi Riko” when he delivers his lyrics and sings the chorus, the production on the beat from “Ryan Leslie” and “Rossi Riko” lyrics make this tune in the eyes of “The Est Living”.

Soon To Blow:
“Rossi Riko” shows his confident attitude on this one, you can tell this from the title of the song, once against the flow that “Rossi Riko” possesses on this tune is crazy, the production on this beat just makes you want to play the song loud on your speakers and bounce your head.

These are the tracks from the “Alpha & Omega” project that we at “The Est Living” think stand out the most download your copy to discover your favourite tunes from this fresh CD from “Rossi Riko”.

Here is all the links you need to find out more about “Rossi Riko”:

Rossi Riko Twitter:!/rossiriko

“Alpha & Omega” Youtube Teaser:

Rossi Riko “Alpha & Omega” Mediafire:

Rossi Riko “Alpha & Omega” Datpiff:

Rossi Riko “DopeChef” Freestyle:

Rossi Riko Soundcloud

The Est Living Stamp Of Approval: #OneToWatch

Meek Mill “DreamChasers Never Sleep Vlog” @MeekMill @MaybachMusicGrp

Maybach Music Group” hottest young prospect “Meek Mill” is the rapper that has had our attention at “The Est Living” for a while, previously known on the underground American scene for years, 2011 was the year when “Meek Mill” delivered his true raw essence and showed the world why he is the hottest rapper coming out of the city of “Philadelphia” in a long while.

With the rapper putting out monster anthems such as “Imma Boss” which features his Label boss “Rick Ross” who made the Power Move in putting “Meek Mill” in his team.

Fast forward to the early months of 2012 and “Maybach Music Group” and “Meek Mill” have came together and have put a Vlog Series showing the recent success “Meek Mill” has been having entitled “DreamChasers Never Sleep” which follows on the title from “Meek Mill DreamChasers” CD which was released in 2011 and officially put him in the spotlight.

The series is currently on Youtube(@Youtube) and shows the buzz and interest that this young recording artist is getting, We at “The Est Living” cannot wait for the arrival of “DreamChasers 2” which is set to be released later on in the year.

Search: “DreamChasers Never Sleep Vlog” on Youtube @Youtube

Check here to see the latest Vlog which features other members from the Maybach Music Group( such as Rick Ross and Wale):

The Est Living Stamp Of Approval: 10/10

Marvell: “10 Steps Ahead” Ft Dot Rotten( Marvell Monday) @Marvell_Music @ItsDotRotten

UK Trio act “Marvell”( Double S, Vertex & Shocka) are back to doing what they do best with theyre “Marvell Monday” series which is all for the fans as they work on future CD’s, the team as a whole have a strong unit and by each CD and project the “Marvell”(Music) brand gets stronger.

The song “10 Steps Ahead” features Grime Artist/Producer “Dot Rotten” who produced the beat , which gives the tune that more grimey, raw feeling as “Dot Rotten” has his own lane when it comes to production.

“Dot Rotten” also blesses the chorus with his singing ability which he has also crafted his own lane throughout his career.

Each verse was powerful and each rapper delivered, which can only further the following “Marvell” have as a collective as it seems they are back to business after taking a pause or slowing things doing for a little while.

Check the Video Here:

Another thing to point out was the editing skills “Vertex” done on this video, “Marvell” always put a extra touch on their Net and TV Music Videos, its handy having a Class video director in the team, “Marvell” are most defiantely a team to watch out for, We at “The Est Living” have been watching for ages and we are still impressed with what this team bring.

Check out the “Marvell”: Till I’m Gone Remix also:

The Est Living Stamp Of Approval: Real Talent

Twitch: Thai,Mentos & Instrumentals @TwitchKHLD

The Est Living told you about the new rapper called “Twitch” and what he has to offer and now here is part 1 of what he has been working on, with this 5 track CD called “Thai, Mentos & Instrumentals”

Presenting everyone to a new artist in the UK Rap scene, the name is “Twitch” and this artist has strong amounts of talent to show.

“Twitch” may be new to some but his previous work and some old material has let the listeners know what his sound is about and his skill, “Twitch” used to be a grime mc, and recently made the transition over to rap, with this new CD “Thai, Mentos & Instrumentals” us as the listeners are getting a insight of what the young rap is about, listening to “Twitch” you get that “J Cole” Hunger with the right beats and the right team to follow him on his path, this rapper could be taking all the limelight in the near future.

*Stand Out Tunes*=
01. “Thai, Mentos& Instrumentals,
03. “We The Missing Piece”
04. “Hollows”

Each tune deserves a listen in all honesty, download the cd and make up your own stand out tune from this quick project.
Download This CD and wait for the arrival of “InAllHonesty”

Ella Frank: Alicia Keys “Never Felt This Way” Youtube Cover @Ella_Frank

If you’re looking for a person that has passion for music then look no further Miss “Ella Frank” has to tick that box, we at “The Est Living” know Miss Frank personally and we can truly say this might be her best YouTube Cover, most defiantly on par with her previous “Sing Out Loud Sundays”.

The original song wasn’t known to us here at “The Est Living” but this further shows how brave and passionate “Ella Frank” is, to actually tackle a song which was vocally performed by “Alicia Keys”, every so often “Ella Frank” blesses YouTube with a rendition of a song that she has been feeling, we just hope she continues to grow on her vibe and gets the recognition her voice deserves.

Check the Video Here:


The Est Living Stamp Of Approval: #OneToWatch X1000

Precious Paris: Do Your Thing ft 50 Cent, Kidd Kidd & Shaun White *New Music*

“G Unit Records” were heavyweights back in the day of the American Music Industry and off lately the label have been quiet and main man “50 Cent” has been more focused on his business ventures, but its seems with the new artist the label have “Precious Paris” G Unit Records could be back to clean up.

The track that currently has us at “The Est Living” interested from “Precious Paris” is called “Do your Thing” which features “50 Cent, Kidd Kidd and Shaun White”( who is from the UK), the song is a heavyweight anthem, the song really has that old G Unit sound to it and UK artist “Shaun White” gives the chorus that sound that the late “Nate Dogg” delivers on this chorus.

“Precious Paris” brings that street rap back to “G Unit”, which was missing, many are saying she is like the modern “Lil Kim” which can be agreed on some level but we feel as a artist “Precious Paris” is showing her story and not trying to take and adopt any one style.

“50 Cent” didn’t really have a full verse, he more opened the tune up for the other features, “Kidd Kidd” delivered a nice verse, good flow to keep the listeners feeling the track, “Shaun White” delivered a strong catchy chorus which makes the tune from this you can only imagine more big artist will require his chorus skills and overall skills as a artist.

Check The YouTube video here:

We look forward to see what happens with “Precious Paris” from here and also fellow UK Artist “Shaun White” as this song can only boost the profile of all featured.

The Est Living Stamp Of Approval: Strong Tune
“Precious Paris” has a download up for grab

Download that here: