Precious Paris: Do Your Thing ft 50 Cent, Kidd Kidd & Shaun White *New Music*

“G Unit Records” were heavyweights back in the day of the American Music Industry and off lately the label have been quiet and main man “50 Cent” has been more focused on his business ventures, but its seems with the new artist the label have “Precious Paris” G Unit Records could be back to clean up.

The track that currently has us at “The Est Living” interested from “Precious Paris” is called “Do your Thing” which features “50 Cent, Kidd Kidd and Shaun White”( who is from the UK), the song is a heavyweight anthem, the song really has that old G Unit sound to it and UK artist “Shaun White” gives the chorus that sound that the late “Nate Dogg” delivers on this chorus.

“Precious Paris” brings that street rap back to “G Unit”, which was missing, many are saying she is like the modern “Lil Kim” which can be agreed on some level but we feel as a artist “Precious Paris” is showing her story and not trying to take and adopt any one style.

“50 Cent” didn’t really have a full verse, he more opened the tune up for the other features, “Kidd Kidd” delivered a nice verse, good flow to keep the listeners feeling the track, “Shaun White” delivered a strong catchy chorus which makes the tune from this you can only imagine more big artist will require his chorus skills and overall skills as a artist.

Check The YouTube video here:

We look forward to see what happens with “Precious Paris” from here and also fellow UK Artist “Shaun White” as this song can only boost the profile of all featured.

The Est Living Stamp Of Approval: Strong Tune
“Precious Paris” has a download up for grab

Download that here:

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