Ella Frank: Alicia Keys “Never Felt This Way” Youtube Cover @Ella_Frank

If you’re looking for a person that has passion for music then look no further Miss “Ella Frank” has to tick that box, we at “The Est Living” know Miss Frank personally and we can truly say this might be her best YouTube Cover, most defiantly on par with her previous “Sing Out Loud Sundays”.

The original song wasn’t known to us here at “The Est Living” but this further shows how brave and passionate “Ella Frank” is, to actually tackle a song which was vocally performed by “Alicia Keys”, every so often “Ella Frank” blesses YouTube with a rendition of a song that she has been feeling, we just hope she continues to grow on her vibe and gets the recognition her voice deserves.

Check the Video Here:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Ella_Frank
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/msellafrank

The Est Living Stamp Of Approval: #OneToWatch X1000

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