Meek Mill “DreamChasers Never Sleep Vlog” @MeekMill @MaybachMusicGrp

Maybach Music Group” hottest young prospect “Meek Mill” is the rapper that has had our attention at “The Est Living” for a while, previously known on the underground American scene for years, 2011 was the year when “Meek Mill” delivered his true raw essence and showed the world why he is the hottest rapper coming out of the city of “Philadelphia” in a long while.

With the rapper putting out monster anthems such as “Imma Boss” which features his Label boss “Rick Ross” who made the Power Move in putting “Meek Mill” in his team.

Fast forward to the early months of 2012 and “Maybach Music Group” and “Meek Mill” have came together and have put a Vlog Series showing the recent success “Meek Mill” has been having entitled “DreamChasers Never Sleep” which follows on the title from “Meek Mill DreamChasers” CD which was released in 2011 and officially put him in the spotlight.

The series is currently on Youtube(@Youtube) and shows the buzz and interest that this young recording artist is getting, We at “The Est Living” cannot wait for the arrival of “DreamChasers 2” which is set to be released later on in the year.

Search: “DreamChasers Never Sleep Vlog” on Youtube @Youtube

Check here to see the latest Vlog which features other members from the Maybach Music Group( such as Rick Ross and Wale):

The Est Living Stamp Of Approval: 10/10

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