Twitch: Thai,Mentos & Instrumentals @TwitchKHLD

The Est Living told you about the new rapper called “Twitch” and what he has to offer and now here is part 1 of what he has been working on, with this 5 track CD called “Thai, Mentos & Instrumentals”

Presenting everyone to a new artist in the UK Rap scene, the name is “Twitch” and this artist has strong amounts of talent to show.

“Twitch” may be new to some but his previous work and some old material has let the listeners know what his sound is about and his skill, “Twitch” used to be a grime mc, and recently made the transition over to rap, with this new CD “Thai, Mentos & Instrumentals” us as the listeners are getting a insight of what the young rap is about, listening to “Twitch” you get that “J Cole” Hunger with the right beats and the right team to follow him on his path, this rapper could be taking all the limelight in the near future.

*Stand Out Tunes*=
01. “Thai, Mentos& Instrumentals,
03. “We The Missing Piece”
04. “Hollows”

Each tune deserves a listen in all honesty, download the cd and make up your own stand out tune from this quick project.
Download This CD and wait for the arrival of “InAllHonesty”

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