Rossi Riko: Alpha And Omega @RossiRiko

“The Est Living” is pleased to present New recording artist from the UK “Rossi Riko”.
Take a look at “Rossi Riko” official bio.

“Rossi Riko” Bio:

“Riko has a unique passion for understanding music, and coupled with his energetic attitude, he comes with a fresh and vibrant sound. He is among those talented individuals that can hold his own against anyone, possessing a smooth-as-velvet R&B singing voice, and a full-of-swagger rapping style. He’s jumping from peak to peak, and aiming for the one he’s not expecting himself to reach. Watch out below.”

This recording artist has a style about him and many talents under his belt, his new Mixtape CD “Alpha & Omega” is a demonstration on his musical talents.

“Rossi Riko” has a confident attitude in his music and throughout the CD, you get the feeling that he is ready to create something big for himself, listening to CD you can hear that “Tinie Tempah” essence and its clear “Rossi Riko” has a flow and a passion for the music.

We at “The Est Living” will be following what moves “Rossi Riko” makes from here.

Tracks To Check Out:

“Rossi Riko” delivered the right vibe when he recorded this tune. The chorus is catchy and powerful with Rossi delivering his singing abilities throughout the song, with great production from “Scott Supreme”.

Hello (Ryan Leslie Remix):
“Rossi Riko” attacks this tune in a powerful way, which is why the tune is a stand out from this project. The flow is catchy and as a listener you can feel the hunger in “Rossi Riko” when he delivers his lyrics and sings the chorus, the production on the beat from “Ryan Leslie” and “Rossi Riko” lyrics make this tune in the eyes of “The Est Living”.

Soon To Blow:
“Rossi Riko” shows his confident attitude on this one, you can tell this from the title of the song, once against the flow that “Rossi Riko” possesses on this tune is crazy, the production on this beat just makes you want to play the song loud on your speakers and bounce your head.

These are the tracks from the “Alpha & Omega” project that we at “The Est Living” think stand out the most download your copy to discover your favourite tunes from this fresh CD from “Rossi Riko”.

Here is all the links you need to find out more about “Rossi Riko”:

Rossi Riko Twitter:!/rossiriko

“Alpha & Omega” Youtube Teaser:

Rossi Riko “Alpha & Omega” Mediafire:

Rossi Riko “Alpha & Omega” Datpiff:

Rossi Riko “DopeChef” Freestyle:

Rossi Riko Soundcloud

The Est Living Stamp Of Approval: #OneToWatch

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