Pepstar: Russian Roulette 4 Mini Review @Pepstaruk

Pepstar is a UK artist who we feel at The Est Living deserves more attention than he is currently getting, Pepstar brings all the qualities with his music, as he is a producer himself and a rapper and can play instruments to give himself that advantage and different producer quality to his music.

Pepstar has been creating a little Youtube series from 2010, Entiled Russian Roulette, which steamed of the Rhianna tune which was a hit at the time and since then Pepstar has gone on to create a mini story and top class songs and visuals which follow the same style.

Pepstar has released the 4th and final instalment to the Russian Roulette, the story and Pepstar’s creativity throughout each instalment shows how different of a artist he is and what path and story he is bringing to the table.

Here is The Video for Russian Roulette 4 by Pepstar:

The other videos in the series are available on Youtube, we at The Est Living reckon Pepstar will put the whole series together as a DVD or try to get it plugged on the Television.

To keep updated with what Pepstar plans to do next, follow him here on twitter:!/Pepstaruk
The Est Living Rating of approval: Creative Genius


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