Seasonal Fashion Review( Female)

Awaiting a summer that didn’t quite come left us ladies staring at our beautiful unworn maxis, high-waist denim shorts, and overused cardi’s. As a direct reaction we all felt in need of reinventing our wardrobes, showing some TLC to out inner fashionista’s and getting ready for the autumn/winter collections.

It cannot be denied that everyone; ladies and gentleman are influenced by what they see around them.  Whether it be on TV, in Magazines, Music videos, or pictures of family members from times past. With vintage clothing and independent styling becoming one of the most popular choices for females in the current era, having a ‘style’ has almost become a myth.  Some of the hottest items of clothing over the last few months have undoubtedly been bandeaus and crop tops, high-waist bottoms, customised trainers, spikes and studs of any kind; on everything, from jewellery to footwear.Fashion has taken a new turn!

Ladies welcome the future of fashion; feel free to be yourself because as far as fashion knows, almost everything goes! Look forward to seeing more studs, more sophisticated bodycon, bright and metallic’s, and big, bold jewellery. Keep yourselves warm in funky hats that make you stand out from the crowd teamed with boots, socks, hi-tops and thick hand knit jumpers. Be confident. Be sexy. Be you!

Written By: Danielle Vorley