Marvell: “10 Steps Ahead” Ft Dot Rotten( Marvell Monday) @Marvell_Music @ItsDotRotten

UK Trio act “Marvell”( Double S, Vertex & Shocka) are back to doing what they do best with theyre “Marvell Monday” series which is all for the fans as they work on future CD’s, the team as a whole have a strong unit and by each CD and project the “Marvell”(Music) brand gets stronger.

The song “10 Steps Ahead” features Grime Artist/Producer “Dot Rotten” who produced the beat , which gives the tune that more grimey, raw feeling as “Dot Rotten” has his own lane when it comes to production.

“Dot Rotten” also blesses the chorus with his singing ability which he has also crafted his own lane throughout his career.

Each verse was powerful and each rapper delivered, which can only further the following “Marvell” have as a collective as it seems they are back to business after taking a pause or slowing things doing for a little while.

Check the Video Here:

Another thing to point out was the editing skills “Vertex” done on this video, “Marvell” always put a extra touch on their Net and TV Music Videos, its handy having a Class video director in the team, “Marvell” are most defiantely a team to watch out for, We at “The Est Living” have been watching for ages and we are still impressed with what this team bring.

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The Est Living Stamp Of Approval: Real Talent